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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for February 24th or 26th

Tonight we did session 5 of Echo the Story on the 10 Commandments

As you've listened to and imagined these stories, how many of you have had part of a story seem to jump out at you? It might be an image or a word-something that just seems to stick in your mind

I think when this happens, it's often God illuminating something for you. That's why after the story you are given time to think more deeply and in this case write about what you noticed. This time to process helps you begin to connect the biblical story to your own story.

When these stories help us begin to see our own story differently, we can also help connect others to the Bible story. That's why we share what's meaningful to us-so we can find the meaning together. Taken from Echo the Story Leader Guide - St. Mary's Press

Your assignment is listen to the story of Moses, the Israelites, God and the 10 Commandments

Exodus Chapter 16-20 go to:

Exodus Chapter 40 go to:

Close your eyes as you listen and try to imagine the scenes happening.

Answer the questions below
Confirmation P1 February 24th Or 26th
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Imagine you have a camera and you are watching this story take lace right in front of you. Pick a moment in the story to take a picture of. What did you take a picture of?*
How would you describe Moses in this story?*
Why do you think God gave the Israelites the commands?*
Why do you think the specific commands were needed?*
How might these commands be a gift rather than a burden?*
Do any of these commands seem strange or difficult to you?*
What do you think it means to live in God's ways?*
What do you think it was like for the Israelites to see and hear God's presence and voice on the mountain?*
IF you could make up one law or command for the betterment of society, what would it be?*