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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for February 23rd or 25th

Tonight we reviewed the time line of the Christian Church. Study these pages on the important dates in 2000 years of Christian history and then answer the questions below. 
Confirmation P1 February 23rd Or 25th
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In the Gospel of John, where does Jesus start his public ministry?*
What is the *
The First Schism happened between what churches? And what does the word ecclesiology mean*
Who started the REFORMATION? Why and When?*
Where and when was Jesus crucified?*
What was the deal with Paul/Saul?*
When and What Pope authorized the Franciscan order? *
Just because you should know this, When did Muhammed declare himself to be a prophet of God? What religion did Muhammed found?*
What document legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire? What was the year?*
What happened at the Second Vatican Council? *
What is the Immaculate Conception Dogma?*

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