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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for January 20th or 22nd

Tonight we started session 1 of Echo the Story bible study with a interaction with the Creation stories of Genesis 1&2

You should know most of the Bible is a story-we don't mean a story like a fairy tale, or a story like a history book. It is a different kind of story. It is a sacred story, intended to help us understand and experience God and that is how we are going to be looking at the Bible - as a sacred story. Now that doesn't mean this is the only valid way to look at the Bible, but I think it will be helpful to us. 

The ancient Israelites and early Christians who gave us the stories in the Bible weren't trying to report events like modern journalists or historians. Instead, they were telling stories of the experiences and what they believed about God's activity in the world. Many of the stories they told were passed down to them generation after generation. 

So we will look at the Bible as a sacred story-a story that combines literal and poetic descriptions of reality to reveal deep truths about God and us.  Taken from Echo the Story Leader Guide - St. Mary's Press

  Your assignment is to:

  1. go to: . On the toolbar click on the audio icon and listen to chapters 1 & 2 of the book of Genesis. Close your eyes as you listen and try to imagine the scenes happening. 
  2. Answer the questions below 

Confirmation P1 Makeup January 20th Or 22nd
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What stood out to you from this story?*
What did this story make you wonder about?*
What were the relationships like in this story? (between God and the humans? among the humans? between God and creation? between humans and creations?)*
In what parts of the story did you notice these relationships?*
What might this story show us about God?*
How do you think our understanding of "work" is similar to or different from "work" in this story?*
What do you notice about God in this story?*
Why do you think the ancient Israelites told this story?*
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