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Confirmation P1 FAMILY GATHERS February 2018  


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February this year celebrates 2 liturgical seasons. February 1-13, 2018 is Ordinary Time and on February 14th we celebrate Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. 

  1. Is it February 1-13? Pick a symbol that you think represents Ordinary Time and place it on your table. The color for Ordinary Time is green. Is it February 14-28? Then it's Lent so pick something to represent Lent. The color for Lent is purple. 
  • "Suffering and illness have always been among the greatest problems that trouble the human spirit. Christians feel and experience pain as do all other people; yet their faith helps them to grasp more deeply the mystery of suffering and to bear their pain with greater courage. . . . Part of the plan laid out by God's providence is that we should fight strenuously against all sickness and carefully seek the blessings of good health, so that we may fulfill our role in human society and in the Church" 
  • "The blessing of the sick by ministers of the Church is a very ancient custom, rooted in imitation of Christ himself and his apostles" 
  • In the United States the annual blessing of throats is a traditional sign of the struggle against illness in the life of the Christian. This blessing is ordinarily given during Mass or a celebration of the word of God on February 3, the memorial of Saint Blase.
  • Saint Blase was the bishop of Sebaste in Armenia during the fourth century. Very little is known about his life. According to various accounts he was a physician before becoming a bishop. His cult spread throughout the entire Church in the Middle Ages because he was reputed to have miraculously cured a little boy who nearly died because of a fish bone in his throat. From the eighth century he has been invoked on behalf of the sick, especially those afflicted with illnesses of the throat.
  • The blessing of throats may be given by a lay minister (that's you!) who follows the rites and prayers designated for a lay minister. When the blessing is given outside Mass, it is preceded by a brief celebration of the word of God.
  • The blessing may be given by touching the throat of each person with two candles which have been joined together in the form of a cross.
 So your Family Gathers assignment is to bless your family's throats! You will need:

  1. Two candle tapers (long slender candles)  
  2. And the Order for the Blessing of Throats as celebrated on feast of St. Blase to follow  (NOTE: the minister is a family member who is picked by your family to be leader)

All make the sign of the cross as the minister says: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All reply: Who made heaven and earth.

One of those present or the minister reads from Matthew 8:14-17. The minister says: Brothers and sisters, listen to the words of the holy gospel according to Matthew. 

"By this time they were in front of Peter’s house. On entering, Jesus found Peter’s mother-in-law sick in bed, burning up with fever. He touched her hand and the fever was gone. No sooner was she up on her feet than she was fixing dinner for him.

That evening a lot of demon-afflicted people were brought to him. He relieved the inwardly tormented. He cured the bodily ill. He fulfilled Isaiah’s well-known sermon: He took our illnesses, He carried our diseases."

The minister then touches the throat of each person with the crossed candles and says the pray of blessing: "Though the intercession of St. Blase, bishop and martyr, may God deliver you from every disease of the throat and from every other illness: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

 Each person responds: Amen


Confirmation P1 Family Gathers February 2018
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