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Confirmation P2 makeup assignment for December 18th  

 We had an introduction to life after Confirmation as a Peer Minister. Peer Ministers are confirmation teens who volunteer (to name a view!) to be on retreat teams, lead service projects, service trips and prayer services. To help you discover what gifts you have and where you think you are being called to serve answer the questions below and go on a journey of self discovery. 

Confirmation P2 Makeup December 18th
Your full name*
Your regular meeting time (Sundays 6:00 or 7:45 or Tuesday 7:00)*
Answer all questions on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being never and 5 being always
I like organizing services and events.*
Working with my hands is fun for me.*
I can tell when someone is insincere.*
I pray for the lost daily. *
Encouraging others is a high priority. *
Believing in God for our daily needs is important to me. *
I look for opportunities to pray for the sick.*
Meeting people is social settings is something I do often.*
I tend to motivate others to get involved.*
My heart hurts when I see others hurting.*
I believe God will use me to enact His miracles.*
I enjoy serving behind the scenes.*
I take pleasure in explaining God's word to others.*
I am passionate about managing details*
I prefer to take the lead whenever necessary.*
I enjoy connecting, caring and coaching others.*
Talking to someone about sin is not hard for me.*
I like challenges and look for new experiences in my spiritual life.*
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