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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for October 7th or 9th

Tonight we worked on session 9 of Echo the Story bible study focusing on the miracles of Jesus. 

So let us listen to these stories from the Gospels. Your assignment is to: GO TO the links below. There is audio link for each chapter. As you listen close your eyes as you listen and try to imagine the scenes happening.


MARK 2 -

MARK 6 - 

Answer the questions below 

P2 Makeup For October 7th Or 9th
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How would you describe Jesus from these stories?*
If you were in that jam-packed house where Jesus cured the paraplegic, how would you have felt?*
Why do you think Jesus first said, *
What do you think this part of the story shows us about Jesus?*
Why do you think that Jesus performed miracles?*
How did people respond to these miracles?*
What do you think this entire story shows us about Jesus?*
What do these stories say about us? about you?*
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