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Welcome to the Confirmation Leader Page! Interested in finding out about being a Confirmation Leader? Here what other's had to say:

"The best part about this ministry was working along side my son as my student and the ability to watch the kids grow." Gloria

"I learned much more about the Catholic Church and I got the chance to nurture the faith of the young adults in my group." Diane

"The lesson each week were so easy to understand, cohesive and flexible enough to alter if more time was needed on a subject." Debbie

" This ministry renews my faith."  Bill 

"I was so nervous about the time commitment but it just flew by! When it was over I couldn't believe how much I was going to miss my group." Cathy 


  • What kind of training can I expect to receive?
    • As a Confirmation leader you will be provided the following training on:
    • Catholic fundamentals at the Diocesan Catechist Training Sessions 
    • Lesson plans, leader material and resources at  the Leader curriculum review meeting 
  • When do the Confirmation meetings take place?
    • Phase 1: there are ten 1 1/2 hour meetings starting in January and ending in early April 
    • Phase 2: there are fifteen 1 1/2 hour meetings starting in September and ending in December 
  • How long does it take to prepare for a meeting?
    • You should plan on 2 hours to review a lesson plan. 
  • How long am I a leader?
    • You start with your Phase 1 group in January - April  and continue into Phase 2 with your group from September to December .
  • How many teens would be in my small group?
    • 12
  • Can I co lead with another leader? 
    • Yes! We will make every effort to provide a co-leader if we can and of course go ahead and ask to be teamed with someone you know. 
  • Will my child be with my group?
    • That's up to you and your child to determine what's best for you. If you and your child decide to be in different groups we will guarantee you have the same day/time
  • Will I need to supply anything?
    • No. All materials needed for a lesson plan will be provided for you.
  • Will my child's fee be waived if I become a Confirmation leader?
    • Yes, the fee is waived.
  • What else will be I be required to do?
    • All adults 18 years of age or older who work with children or youth are required by the Diocese of Paterson to meet the requirements of the program set forth by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops called Protecting God's Children. IF you haven't already, the 3 steps required by the Paterson Diocese are:
      • Attendance at a 3 hour Workshop entitled "Protecting God's Children".  
      • Read a copy of the Diocesan Ministerial Code of Conduct 
      • Consent to a criminal background check