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Think about an important event in your life. It could be a special trip, a birthday, a sporting event, or the first time you leaned to ride a bike. Think of an event you will never forget. Take yourself back in item. Try to replay the event in your mind and watch it like a movie. What is one small detail you remembered about your event? Events stay with us. 

So get ready for our next story from the Old Testament about the Exile. A major event for the people of Israel that sweeps over several books of the bible; the two Books of Kings, the Books of Isaiah and Ezra. The further we go in this story, the more detailed it gets, so it takes more concentration to let your imagination kick in. Taken from Echo the Story leader guide

Below are the links for the various readings from Bible Gateway:

1 Kings 2-3 

1 Kings 6-8 

1 Kings 11-12

Isaiah 1-3

Isaiah 9-10

Ezra 1

Answer the questions below



Confirmation P1 Makeup March 4th And 6th
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How would you describe Solomon from this story?*
How would you describe the messages of the prophets Isaiah and Ezra?*
What role did the prophets have?*
To be exiled is to be forced out of your homeland. How do you think the Israelites felt during their Exile?*
Did you hear anything that reminded you of previous stories?*
From the entire story so far, what do you notice about God?*
Why do you think the ancient Israelites told this story?*
What are some of the characteristics of living in God's way*
How do you think God gives people wisdom?*
Where do you see poor, needy and helpless people neglected today?*
How did the prophets give the Israelites a preview (called foreshadowing) of the teaching of Jesus?*
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