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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for February 10th or 12th 

Tonight we worked on session 3 of Echo the Story bible study with an interaction with the Promise stories of Genesis 12,15,17 & 21

Ancient Jewish rabbis compared Sacred Scripture to a brilliant diamond. As they told the stories from Scripture, they compared it to holding up a diamond, allowing light to reflect the detail, beauty, depth, and brilliance of its many sides. They anticipated seeing something new and amazing every time they heard the stories! What if we thought of the Bible this way, expecting to see something remarkable and brill each time we encountered it-looking deeply for a reflection this story to teach us something new. Taken from Echo the Story Leader Guide - St. Mary's Press

So let us listen to these stories from the Book of Genesis about the covenant - the promise - God makes with a man and wife called Abram and Sarai. 

Your assignment is to: GO TO the links below. There is a link for each chapter. On the toolbar click on the audio icon and listen to chapters 12,15,17 & 21. As you listen close your eyes as you listen and try to imagine the scenes happening.




Answer the questions below


Confirmation P1 February 10th Or 12th
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What stood out to you from this story?*
What did this story make you wonder about?*
How would you describe Abraham and Sarah from this story?*
Why do you think God renamed them? Why might this be significant?*
What did God promise to Abraham and Sarah?*
What do you think it means that Abraham and Sarah's descendants were to be God's blessing to the entire earth?*
Why do you think Abraham and Sarah struggled to believe (and laughed at!) God's promise?*
If you were Sarah or Abraham, how do you think you would have responded to God's promise?*
What do you notice about God in this story?*
Why do you think the ancient Israelites told this story?*
The covenant promises uses the word bless several times. What do you think it means to bless someone? How do you think God blesses people?*
How did God bless Abraham in this story?*
How has God blessed humans so far in all of our stories?*
The word testament can also mean *
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