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Tonight we studied ACTS 15.1-35 as we continue to examine the new Christian community formed after Jesus' resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

Before you read the scripture you should remember from last week's reading that Peter has brought the gospel to non-Jews and other Christians are following his lead. This brings more tension and differing views on if the newly baptized gentiles need to follow Mosaic law.

Read Acts 15.1-35. Use your bible or go to Bible Gateway. Be sure to select the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). 

Answer the questions below.

Confirmation P2 Makeup October 22nd Or 24th
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Your regular meeting day/time (Sunday 6:00 or Sunday 7:45 or Tuesday 7:00*
Who went to Jerusalem to discuss policy with the apostles and elders?*
What was the issue to be discussed?*
What was the decision made?*
Paul, Barnabas, and Peter were attentive to what the Spirit was doing. How can we tell where God is at work in our lives and in the world around us? What is the value of talking with others about what we think God is doing?*
What does it mean to have Jesus at the center of your life? What competes with Jesus for center stage in your life? What could we do to keep our lives better focused on Jesus?*
What is a lesson we can learn from how the early Christians resolve their disagreement in this chapter?*
When you have to make an important decision, whom do you consult? What qualities do you look for in someone whose advice you seek? *
Describe an experience which helped you to listen carefully to another person. How did this experience affect you?*
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