Youth Ministry >> Confirmation P2 October 21st or 23rd


3 Dinners with Jesus and 1 Wash with Pope Francis 


Listen to the 3 scripture readings below paying particular attention to the sections about Jesus sharing meals. Then check out the article on Pope Francis. 
  1. Dinner #1 Eating with Sinners  
  2. Dinner #2 Dining with the Pharisees
  3. Dinner #3 Supper with Disciples


Pope Francis - Servant Leader:

Answer the questions below.

Confirmation P2 Makeup October 21st Or 23rd
Your full name*
Your regular meeting day/time (Sunday 6:00 or Sunday 7:45 or Tuesday 7:00*
Luke Chapter 5
A famous person you admire is coming to dine with you tomorrow. What would you do to get ready?*
Tax collectors like Levi lined their pickets with money the collected. How might the disciples feel about Jesus' choice?*
Why choose dinner companions like Levi and other sinners?*
Luke Chapter 11
When you were little who insisted that you wash up before meals and wear clean clothes? Do you remember how you reacted?*
What is the natural and the surprising thing Jesus does to open this scene? *
How does Jesus turn the tables on the Pharisees?*
6 times Jesus calls the Pharisees hopeless. In your own words what is the meaning behind this name calling? What is the point of Jesus' message?*
How does this dinner with the Pharisees compare to the dinner with Levi and the sinners?*
John 13 Supper with the Disciples
What are the special meals in your family? Thanksgiving? Birthday dinners? Christmas? What is usually served?*
Who would you nominate for the "Mother Teresa Award" in your family for selfless, tireless servant hood?*
What does Jesus know that escapes the disciples' attention? Hence what impresses you about Jesus washing their feet?*
While Peter is taking the washing of his feet literally, what do you think Jesus meant by verse 8; *
Pope Francis washes the feet of refugees. Compare the action of Francis to each of the dinners of Jesus. How does Francis' actions compare?
Luke 5 Eating with Sinners*
Luke 12 Dining with Pharisees*
John 12 Supper with the Disciples*
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