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Confirmation Name and Sponsor Selection Information and On Line Report

One of the requirements for the  Phase 1 candidate is to select a Confirmation name and a sponsor. FYI...

Your Confirmation name can only be:

Your Sponsor:

  • is encouraged be one of your Baptismal Godparents
  • cannot be your parent
  • must be a fully initiated Roman Catholic, having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation
  • must be active members of a Roman Catholic church
  • must have the intention of performing their role; assume an ongoing spiritual relations with you and not merely function as a passive witness to the Sacrament of Confirmation

The On-Line report:

  • can be found below
  • due date is June 1, 2019
  • must be received before your registration for Phase 2 of Confirmation will be accepted
  • must be filled out completely or it will not be accepted and returned to you
  • will ask for your contact information and
  • Confirmation Name selected
    • will contain a section asking to explain why you selected the name you did
    • will ask what saint you selected
  • Full name of Sponsor selected
    • Sponsor's address
    • Sponsor's phone number
    • Sponsor's relationship to you
    • Sponsor's Roman Catholic parish including the full address and phone number and country
    • will contain a section asking you explain why you selected this sponsor


Confirmation Name And Sponsor Report
Today's Date*
Your First Name*
Your Last Name*
Confirmation Name Selected (pick only one name)*
If not your Baptismal name, what saint did you select?*
Why did you select this Confirmation name?*
Full name of your sponsor*
Sponsor's street address*
Sponsor's town and state and zip code*
Sponsor's relationship to you*
Sponsor's ROMAN CATHOLIC parish name*
Sponsor's parish street address*
Sponsor's parish town, state and zip*
Sponsor's parish country*
Why did you select this person?*
Your email address*
The best phone # to reach you at*