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Confirmation Phase 1 Makeup assignment for March 10th or 12th

Last week we learned about the establishment of Kings in the nation of Israel. Tonight's lesson covers the history of the Kingdom after David when a variety of kings - some good and others flawed - who ruled Israel until it was ultimately overrun by a succession of empires. Listen to these readings including ones from the prophets Isaiah and Ezra.

Listen to these readings and then answer the questions below:

1 Kings 2-12

Isaiah 1-10

Ezra 1


Confirmation P1 Makeup March 10th Or 12th
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How would you describe Solomon?*
How would you describe the prophets? What role did they have?*
To be exiled is to be forced out of your homeland. How do you think the Israelites felt during their Exile?*
Did you hear anything that reminded you of previous stories?*
From the entire story so far, what do you notice about God?*
Why do you think the ancient Israelites told this story?*
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