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P1 Makeup Assignment for February 9th or 11th

Tonight we watched a video MANKIND: THE STORY OF ALL OF US EPISODE 3 EMPIRES. Christianity did not grow in a bubble; Christ was in the world. The video gives us a view of the growth of Christianity in the context of the growth of the Roman Empire - the larger world.
Your assignment is to watch this video and then answer the questions below. You might find it helpful to print the questions and fill in the answers as you watch the video.

Confirmation P1 Makeup February 9th Or 11th
Jerusalem in 33AD was a provincial city under the rule of what empire? *
What did the vast network of roads and trade found in the eastern edge of the Roman Empire allow for?*
True or False. Crucifixions were common in Rome. *
Eighteen years after the crucifixion of Jesus there was a food shortage in the imperial capital of Rome. What caused it?*
Describe the Emperor Claudius at this time?*
What did he build to win over the public?*
True or False. Rome has a sewage system, a police force, a fire brigade, a postal service, apartment blocks, libraries, temples and theaters.*
Why did the Romans go to war against the Druids in Britain?*
What was Rome's First priority after it defeated British rebels?*
What do Roman roads connect?*
What is one of Rome's most popular exports?*
True or False. Most gladiators are slaves who are forced to fight.*
What areas of the world did Rome dominate at the height of its power?*
Why did Roman merchants travel the 5000 miles to China?*
What was the 5000 mile trade route from China called?*
Trade booms, but what else booms with it?*
Who is the most important convert in the story of Christianity?*
Name some of the cities with new Christian populations to whom Paul wrote letters.*
True or False. Under Roman rule, Christianity is legal and converts like Perpetua had nothing to fear. *
In 100 years the number of Christians grew from 200,000 to what?*
What decision did Constantine make that shaped the future of the Roman Empire?*
How many Christians are there today?*
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