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As we become wrapped up in and involved in stories, like strands of a rope wound together, stories become a part of who we are-and change us from the inside out. 

 The Bible story can implicate us like this. At first it might seem irrelevant because it's a faraway story about a distant people. But then it begins to work on us; the messages beneath the surface emerge, and we're captivated by the Bible's story. We find ourselves inside that story, identifying and empathizing with the characters. The Bible's story becomes part of our experience and identity - it is now our story. 

So get ready for our next story. It is taken from several of the Bible's books: Joshua, Judges and the two Books of Samuel. 

Below are the links for the various readings from Bible Gateway:

Joshua chapter 1 

Judges chapter 3 

1 Samuel chapters 8-10

1 Samuel chapters 16 

2 Samuel chapter 11-12 

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So, what stood out to you from this story?*
What did this story make you wonder about?*
Why do you think the Israelites were told to drive out the people living in the Promised Land?*
Why couldn't they just try to be a good influence on them?*
What pattern did Israel get into during the time of the judges?*
Why do you think the Israelites wanted a human king?*
How would you describe King Saul?*
What was David's relation like with Saul?*
Why do you think Saul got so jealous?*
What challenges did David Face?*
What character(s) in this story do you relate to?*
What does it mean for you personally to floow God with all of your heart?*
What do you think God's promise of a never-ending kingdom is referring to?*
In the stories of the judges and kings, what do you see that might have helped to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus? *
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