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Confirmation Makeup Assignment for January 27th or 29th

Tonight we worked on session 2 of Echo the Story bible study with an interaction with the Disruption stories of Genesis 4-6

This story is fulled with wild events: a talking serpent, a worldwide flood, a huge boat full of animals-elements beyond what we would consider normal. So it may be easy for us to dismiss this story as a fairy tale. But like our first story, reality and metaphors - a word or phrase used as a symbol to describe something else - are mixed together. So if the Bible is full of metaphors, how do we see the the truths within them? Well, stories connect with us by opening our eyes to their deeper meaning. You are asked to listen to this story of Disruption and to paraphrase Mark Miller in Experiential Storytelling; let the story speak to your mind, body, emotions, spirit and will. Taken from Echo the Story Leader Guide - St. Mary's Press

Your assignment is to: GO TO:

First: . On the toolbar click on the audio icon and listen to chapters 3.1-4.16 of the book of Genesis. Close your eyes as you listen and try to imagine the scenes happening.

Next: and listen to the audio there

Answer the questions below
Confirmation P1 Makeup January 27th Or 29th

Answer the questions below

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Your regular meeting time (Su 6:00, Su 7:45 or Tu 7:00)*
What did this story make you wonder about?*
How would you describe Adam and Eve in this story?*
Why do you think Adam and Eve ate the fruit?*
What changed after they ate the fruit?*
How did Adam and Eve's relationship's change? With God? with each other? *
What knowledge did Adam and Eve gain?*
How might responsibility come with knowledge?*
The Church teaches that the effects of Adam and Eve's sin are passed on to every human being (except Mary and Jesus). What do you think about this teaching?*
How is this concept, called Original Sin, supported by this story from Genesis?*
What do you notice about God from this story?*
What glimpses of hope can be found in the midst of this tragic story?*
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