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It's ADVENT!!! Check out the videos below: from Busted Halo. It's FAST so you might want to print out the questions and get ready to hit the pause button!  This video will give you a good historical background on the liturgical season of Advent  This video from Busted Halo and it's FAST so you might want to print out the questions and get ready to hit the pause button!

Go to and listen to Matthew 1.1-25 about the birth of Jesus.

And check out this background taken from "What are We Hoping For?" by Daniel Harrington, S.J, PhD   

"Look  the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him 'Emmanuel,' which means 'God is with us.' " (Matthew 1.23)

  Every child is (or should be) a sign of hope. That a virgin woman should conceive and bear a child is not especially unusual. But that such a woman should remain a virgin because this conception is through the Holy Spirit is very, very unusual. And that her child should be the presence of God among us (which is the meaning of the two Hebrew words that make up "Emmanuel') is even more remarkable. This is no ordinary child. As Emmanuel, this child is the basis of Christian hope.




Confirmation P2 Makeup December 2nd Or 4th
What's the difference between Advent and Lent?*
What's the difference between Advent and Christmas?*
What are the colors of Advent and where might you see them in Church? in your home?*
Who are we waiting for in Advent?*
How does your family prepare during Advent? How can you prepare yourself in a new way this year that fits your status as a Confirmation candidate?*
Emmanuel - Matthew 1.1-25
After listening to Matthew 1.1-25 and the short summary above what reasons for hope does the season of Advent provide you? *
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