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This week we discussed the Confirmation ceremony. Read the information below including the PDF from the YOUCAT and answer the questions. 

• What is the connection between the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation?

The Sacrament of Confirmation perfects Baptismal grace, affirms the responsibilities and privileges that you received during Baptism, and celebrates the gift of the Spirit given to you at Baptism.

• Why does the Rite of Confirmation take place during a Mass?
When you receive the Eucharist, you participate in and celebrate the faith life that has been confirmed in you through the Holy Spirit. Celebrating Confirmation during the Eucharist expresses the unity of the Sacraments of Initiation.

• Where in the mass does the Rite of Confirmation take place?
The Rite of Confirmation occurs after the Liturgy of the Word and before the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

• What are the five parts of the Rite of Confirmation?
The five parts of the Rite of Confirmation are the presentation of the candidates, homily, renewal of baptismal promises, laying on of hands and anointing with chrism, and general intercessions.

• What do you express when you stand before the bishop during the presentation of candidates?

When you stand before the bishop, you give witness to your desire to declare yourself ready to be a disciple and witness of Christ and to live according to his example of love for God and others.

• What does the bishop do to confirm you?
The bishop anoints you with chrism on the forehead and says: "[Your Confirmation Name], be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit."

  1. Renewing Baptismal Promises (CCC, 1298) Confirmation completes the Sacrament of Baptism
  2. Bishop extends hands in blessing (CCC, 1299) Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  3. Anointing with oil (CCC, 1293-1296) Receive the Holy Spirit, completes Baptism, united with Christ (the Anointed One, Messiah)
  4. Laying on of hands (CCC, 1300) Strength and character to witness to the Gospel 
  5. “Be sealed with the Holy Spirit” (CCC, 1300) Indelible seal/character to witness; receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Confirmation Ceremony Dress Code
This is a church event and should not be compared to a graduation or a prom. Use good judgment in selecting your attire and be aware any candidate considered to be improperly dressed will be asked to change prior to the ceremony.

• Women’s Dress Code:
o Dress, skirt (of conservative length) or dress pants are acceptable
o Tops must have sleeves, no spaghetti straps, cover the midriff and have a modest neckline
o No sheer or see through clothing
o There are no color requirements
o No sneakers, hiking shoes, beach/sport sandals or flip-flops

• Men’s Dress Code:
o Dress shirt and tie
o Dress pants which cover your underwear
o Sports jackets are optional
o There are no color requirements
o No sneakers, hiking shoes, beach/sport sandals or flip-flops



The rehearsal for the April 27th ceremony will held in the Church Thursday, April 25th at 7:00PM.
The rehearsal for the May 11th ceremony will be held in the church Thursday, May 9th at 7:00PM.
Each candidate must attend the rehearsal with his or her sponsor.
If a sponsor is unable to attend the rehearsal, another adult should stand in.


• Candidates and sponsors need to arrive in the Church at 7:00PM.
• The ceremony starts at 7:30PM.
• The ceremony should last approximately 1 and 30 minutes.
• The bishop will be available following the ceremony for group pictures.
• Pictures are NOT to be taken during the ceremony.
• Since the Confirmation Masses do not fulfill a Sunday obligation, a collection will not be taken during the ceremony.

Seating during the ceremony:
• Candidates and sponsors will sit in the first rows of the main center wing directly to the front of the altar. Family and guests will sit behind all candidates or fill in either wing.
• Seating for family and friends is limited.
• A ticket is required to enter the church and will be collected at the door.
• Candidates and their Sponsors DO NOT require a ticket.
• Confirmation leaders DO NOT require a ticket.
• Candidates will receive FOUR tickets for seating in the church.
• The tickets will be distributed at the rehearsal.
• If you have a family member that needs handicapped accessible seating, call 973 835-5594 x 160 to make arrangements.


2. YOUCAT What happens in Confirmation?


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