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Read the information below and answer the questions.  If you do not have a Bible available you can visit  

 Tonight we studied ACTS 15..36-40;16.8-40 as we complete our exploration of Acts and the new Christian community formed after Jesus' resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. 


Read Acts 15.36.40; 16.8-40. Use your bible or go to Bible Gateway. Be sure to select the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

Answer the questions below.
Confirmation P2 November 5th Or 7th
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Have you every made a hasty judgement about someone and later realized you were mistaken? What did you learn from this mistake?*
Paul had a vision about going to Macedonia. Do you think that God gives you signs telling you what he wants you to do in life? Has comething ever happened to you that seemed more than a coincidence?*
For some people, disagreements with the Church are an obstacle to believing that the Church is the Body of Christ. Do you feel this way? How can settling disputes actually help a community become closer?*
The gospel came to Lydia an the jailer in different ways, one in an ordinary way, the other in an extraordinary way. In what ordinary ways has the gospel come to you? Has anything extraordinary happened to you that helped you get closer to God? *
The girl's prophetic announcement in 16.17 was open to misunderstanding. What aspects of the Christian message are open to misunderstandings today?*
How would you feel if you were trying to be of service to someone and you were treated unfairly? What do you think of the response of Paul and Silas in 16.25?*
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