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P1 Makeup March 22nd or 24th

In this meeting we were to workon taking our life experiences and turning them into prayer. Your task will be to transform some life experiences into prayers that start with Dear God and end with In Christ's name I pray. A sample is provided:


From: "If that woman tells me to get out my Bible one more time I will throw it at her. It's not that I don't like the Bible but I just don't think it matters to me. I mean nobody talks like that and the stories I just don't get. Can't someone come up with a better way to learn about God?" 

To: "Dear God, Help me to open my heart, my mind and my soul to your Word. Please let me make sense of what you are trying to tell me. I need you in my life today. Let me hear what you want me to hear today in a way I can understand. In Christ's name I pray." 

P1 Makeup March 22nd Or 24th
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It has been said that prayer is having a conversation with God. What do you think of when prayer is compared to a conversation?*
Others compare prayer to actions. What does that mean to you?*
I just made Varsity soccer! God I’ve been working hard and not just at practices but at home with my sister for hours. I can’t count the number of corner kicks I hit to her and I can’t believe how good I feel. All my hard work really did pay off! *
I can’t believe that new kid at school is talking trash about me behind my back. I hate her guts. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I have to let her know that nobody treats me like that. She’ll be sorry she ever moved here. *
My dog is dying. My brother sent me a text from the vet’s while I was in the locker room changing for practice. I started to cry but stopped myself. Can you imagine what they’d say if starting blubbering all over the place?*
I’m pregnant. My parents will KILL me! I told my boyfriend and he said he’d support me. What does that mean? Does he want to marry me and have the baby? An abortion? What should I do? Please somebody tell me what I should do? I’m afraid.*
All this talk at school about college. My friends are talking about going away to big name schools. My family isn’t rich and wants me to commute to Community College. I feel like a loser. I tell everyone I don’t want to go to college but I really do.*
Is that the alarm? 6AM already? Do I smell bacon? I need coffee! Where are my clothes? Why didn’t I do my English homework last night? I’ll try to finish it on the bus to school. Is there anything else I forgot?*
My best friend is moving away. I can’t believe she’s leaving me. Her dad got a job out of state and I know it’s good for them because they need the money but I can’t help but think what about me? *
My mom is driving me crazy about my grades. All she does is tell me to study harder. It’s not like she has to do any of this work. She doesn’t get that I just don’t understand it no matter what I do! I wish she would just leave me alone!*
I don’t know have anyone to talk to. My dad lost his job and while he tried to find work at first it’s like he’s given up now. He keeps drinking more and more and mom keeps yelling. I hate to go home after school. I hate my life. I feel alone.*
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