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Tonight we continued our study of the new Christian community formed after the death of Jesus and the presence of His promised Advocate - The Holy Spirit. This was session 4 of 6 The Good News of the Holy Spirit.

FYI...After the stoning of St. Stephen and the conversion of Saul/Paul, the new Christian community has fled the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. They have moved out to neighboring regions and their message of Jesus is being heard by the gentile (non-Jews) and the community has to decide if to become involved with the gentiles and if so what that involvement should look like. Would the gentiles need to convert to Judaism and follow Jewish laws. 

The reading below shows the POV of St. Peter and the gentile Cornelius and how God brings them together.

FUN FACT TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE READING #1: A Centurion is a soldier in the Roman army. In Cornelius' account he is a member of the Italian Cohorts (like a battalion) who are archers.  


FUN FACT TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE READING #2: Orthodox Jews follow strict food laws. Food that may be consumed according to Jewish law is termed kosher in English, meaning "fit" - in this context, fit for consumption. For example no pork, only fish with scales (no shellfish). 

FUN FACT TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE READING #3: Jewish men are circumcised a few day after birth. 

Read Acts 10.1-48. Use your bible or go to Bible Gateway. Be sure to select the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

Answer the questions below.
Confirmation P2 October 15th Or 17th
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Who is Cornelius?*
Who is Peter?*
What do they have in common?*
How are they different?*
Who takes the initiative in bringing the men together?*
Which people or events have helped you most in your own process of learning to follow the Lord?*
Teenagers are often resistant to what they are told by parents, teachers, and other adults. What are the good and bad sides of such resistance when it comes to their relationships with God?*
What gifts for serving others has God given you? How do you plan on using those gifts? How might you be able to fit your efforts together with those of others in the Church in order to accomplish God's purposes?*
How can a person strike a balance between holding on to what is good and true and being open to change? As you grow older, how can you remain open to learning about God and responding to him in new ways?*
How is it helpful for you to discuss your faith with other Christians?*
There are things groups can do to be more welcoming to a wider variety of people. Is your school doing any of these things? your family? your parish? your Confirmation group? your circle of friends?*
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