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Confirmation Makeup assignment for October 1st or 3rd  

Tonight we continued to view our faith journey as a new Confirmation community with the new Christian community formed after the death of Jesus and the presence of His promised Advocate - The Holy Spirit. 

Acts 3.1-10; 4.5-35

Read Acts 3.1-10; 4.5-35. Use your bible or go to . Be sure to select the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). 

Answer the questions below.

Confirmation P2 Makeup October 1st Or 3rd

Your full name*
You meeting day/time (Sun 6PM, Sun 7:45PM or Tues 7PM*
Below are names of some of the disciples and participants of the scripture you just read. Who are they and what are they doing in the scripture?
The lame man*
What are your special gifts? Where are you tempted to use them for yourself rather than for other people? What is something you can do that will encourage you to use your gifts for others?*
When does being a Christian get in the way of being popular at school or among other young people? What is your experience of this?*
Peter and John declared that "we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard" about Jesus. In what ways are you like Peter and John, speaking about what you have seen and heard about Jesus?*
What has been your experiences of actual grace helping you to become the person God created you to be? What are some things you can do to cooperate better with the help given you by the Spirit?*
Put yourself in the place of the Christians who heard Peter and John's report about how they had been punished for speaking about Jesus? What you then ask God for?*
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