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Confirmation Phase 1 Candidates are to complete 10 hours of community service by 6/30/2020, BUT obviously the shelter at home order makes this difficult. If service opportunities arise that you can complete in your home setting, we will make you aware of them. In the meantime, make sure you have reported on any already completed service so your records are up to date. If you are unable to complete only some or none of your 10 hours, we will roll them over into your Confirmation Phase 2 requirement. 


  • What qualifies as community service? Any act where you help someone or organization to the benefit of others without receiving compensation.
  • Can you give me any examples of service opportunities at St. Mary's? Yes!
    • You can donate food to our Food Pantry. Each bag dropped off will equal 1 hour of service. You can drop them off at the St. Mary's box truck located in the parking lot. The back of the truck is open until about 8PM. Take a picture of yourself dropping the food off with a poster of inspiration and send it to me at We will post the picture on our Face Book page and you will earn an additional 1 hour of service.
  • Do I have to do my service at St. Mary's? No, check into service at your school and town.                         
  •  What happens after I complete my service? To get credit for your service complete the on line report below. ALL SERVICE MUST BE REPORTED WITH AN ON LINE REPORT!

Confirmation Service Report

Did your service and want to let me know it?!

Review the Corporate Works of Mercy found at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops webpage 

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