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The Youth Ministry staff of St. Mary's would like to extend thanks for your time and dedication in your ministry to the youth of our parish. Our youth are blessed in many ways by your presence in their lives.

All adults 18 years of age or older who work with children or youth are required by the Diocese of Paterson to meet the requirements of the program set forth by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops called Protecting God's Children. The 3 steps required by the Paterson Diocese are:


  1. Attendance at a 3 hour Workshop entitled "Protecting God's Children".  In order to register for this workshop click on the link above and follow instructions.  


  1. Read a copy of the Diocesan Ministerial Code of Conduct and sign this document acknowledging having read it and return to Debbie Borroto in the Youth Ministry office. 


  1. Consent to a criminal background check by signing the Consent to Request Consumer Report Information form and filling out the starred items. This information will be recorded into Sterling Info Systems Inc's database; the company the Paterson Diocese is now using for background checks. Debbie Borroto, St. Mary's Child Protection Coordinator, will be handling this procedure and will ensure that your personal information will be destroyed immediately after being entered. 

For our department records could you please fill out an emergency contact form.  

Please read through and adhere to the social media policy below put forth by the Paterson Diocese.  

Social Media Policy link: