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Grade 4 Summer Math 

***Due to a recent website update, not all of the letters in front of the skills listed on the summer assignment sheet will correctly match up to the skills found on the IXL website.  Skill titles have not changed, but may be listed under a different letter on the website.  STUDENTS SHOULD DISREGARD THE LETTERS LISTED AND INSTEAD LOOK TO MATCH THE TITLES FROM THEIR PINK SUMMER ASSIGNMENT SHEET TO THE TITLES ON THE IXL WEBSITE.***    

Students should work until at least one ribbon has been earned for each of the topics listed below.

PACE YOURSELF...Try to work on one skill each day :0) 

Number sense

1. A.1Place values
2. A.3Word names for numbers
3. A.6Rounding
4. A.9Compare numbers up to one billion

1. B.1Add numbers up to millions
2. B.2Add numbers up to millions: word problems
3. B.5Add 3 or more numbers up to millions
4. B.6Addition patterns over increasing place values

1. C.1Subtract numbers up to millions
2. C.2Subtract numbers up to millions: word problems
3. C.4Subtraction patterns over increasing place values

1. D.1Multiplication facts to 12
2. D.2Multiplication facts up to 12: find the missing factor
3. D.5Multiply 1-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers
4. D.6Multiply 1-digit numbers by 3-digit or 4-digit numbers
5. D.7Multiply 1-digit numbers by larger numbers

1. E.1Division facts to 12
2. E.2Division facts to 12: word problems
3. E.3Properties of division

Data and graphs
1. J.1Read a table
2. J.2Interpret line graphs
3. J.4Interpret bar graphs
4. J.6Interpret line plots
5. J.11Circle graphs

Logical reasoning
1. K.3Find the order

Patterns and sequences
1. L.1Find the next shape in a pattern
2. L.2Complete a repeating pattern
3. L.3Make a repeating pattern
4. L.4Find the next row in a growing pattern of shapes

1. M.1Count coins and bills - up to $5 bill
2. M.2Compare money amounts
3. M.4Add and subtract money amounts

1. N.1Measure using an inch ruler
2. N.2Which customary unit is appropriate?

1. O.5Elapsed time
2. O.8Transportation schedules

1. P.1Identify 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes

Fraction equivalence and ordering
1. Q.1Fractions review
2. Q.2Understanding fractions: word problems
3. Q.4Find equivalent fractions using area models


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