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Grade 7 Summer Math

***Due to a recent website update, not all of the letters in front of the skills listed on the summer assignment sheet will correctly match up to the skills found on the IXL website.  Skill titles have not changed, but may be listed under a different letter on the website.  STUDENTS SHOULD DISREGARD THE LETTERS LISTED AND INSTEAD LOOK TO MATCH THE TITLES FROM THEIR PINK SUMMER ASSIGNMENT SHEET TO THE TITLES ON THE IXL WEBSITE.***  

Please work until at least one ribbon has be earned in each of the following skills.

PACE YOURSELF...try to complete two skills each day :0) 


Number Theory
1. A.1Prime or composite
2. A.2Prime factorization
3. A.3Multiplicative inverses
4. A.5Greatest common factor
5. A.6Least common multiple
6. A.7GCF and LCM: word problems

1. B.1Understanding integers
2. B.3Graph integers on horizontal and vertical number lines
3. B.4Absolute value and opposite integers
4. B.5Compare and order integers

1. D.1Decimal numbers review
2. D.2Compare and order decimals
3. D.3Decimal number lines
4. D.4Round decimals

Operations with Decimals
1. E.1Add and subtract decimals
2. E.2Add and subtract decimals: word problems
3. E.3Multiply decimals
4. E.4Multiply decimals and whole numbers: word problems
5. E.5Divide decimals
6. E.6Divide decimals by whole numbers: word problems
7. E.7Estimate sums, differences, and products of decimals
8. E.8Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals: word problems
9. E.9Multi-step inequalities with decimals
10. E.10Maps with decimal distances

Operations with Fractions
1. G.1Add and subtract fractions
2. G.2Add and subtract fractions: word problems
3. G.3Add and subtract mixed numbers
4. G.4Add and subtract mixed numbers: word problems
5. G.7Multiply fractions and whole numbers
6. G.9Multiply fractions
7. G.10Multiply mixed numbers
8. G.11Multiply fractions and mixed numbers: word problems
9. G.12Divide fractions
10. G.13Divide mixed numbers
11. G.14Divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems
12. G.17Maps with fractional distances

Rational Numbers
1. H.1Identify rational numbers
2. H.2Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers
3. H.4Compare rational numbers
4. H.5Put rational numbers in order

Exponents and Square Roots
1. I.1Understanding exponents
2. I.2Evaluate exponents
3. I.9Square roots of perfect squares

Consumer Math
1. M.1Add, subtract, multiply, and divide money amounts: word problems
2. M.2Price lists
3. M.5Unit prices: find the total price

Problem Solving and Estimation
1. N.1Estimate to solve word problems
2. N.2Multi-step word problems
3. N.4Use Venn diagrams to solve problems

Coordinate Plane
1. P.1Coordinate plane review
2. P.2Quadrants and axes
3. P.3Follow directions on a coordinate plane

Variable Expressions
1. R.1Write variable expressions
2. R.2Write variable expressions: word problems
3. R.3Evaluate linear expressions
4. R.4Evaluate multi-variable expressions
5. R.7Identify terms and coefficients
6. R.8Add and subtract like terms

1. S.1Properties of addition and multiplication
2. S.2Distributive property

One-variable equations
1. T.5Solve one-step equations

1. X.1Lines, line segments, and rays
2. X.2Parallel, perpendicular, intersecting
3. X.3Name, measure, and classify angles
4. X.8Classify quadrilaterals
5. X.10Identify and classify polygons
6. X.17Perimeter
7. X.18Area of rectangles and parallelograms
8. X.19 Area of Triangles and Trapezoids
9. X.21Parts of a circle
10. X.22Circles: calculate area, circumference, radius, and diameter
11. X.26Names and bases of 3-dimensional figures
12. X.27Nets of 3-dimensional figures
13. X.28Surface area
14. X.29Volume

1. BB.1Calculate mean, median, mode, and range
2. BB.2Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode, and range

1. CC.1Probability of simple events