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Grade 5 Summer Math 

 ***Due to a recent website update, not all of the letters in front of the skills listed on the summer assignment sheet will correctly match up to the skills found on the IXL website.  Skill titles have not changed, but may be listed under a different letter on the website.  STUDENTS SHOULD DISREGARD THE LETTERS LISTED AND INSTEAD LOOK TO MATCH THE TITLES FROM THEIR PINK SUMMER ASSIGNMENT SHEET TO THE TITLES ON THE IXL WEBSITE.***  

Please work until a ribbon has been achieved in each of the following topics.  

Pace yourself...try to do 2 topics a day :0)   

Place values and number sense
1. A.1Place values
2. A.3Compare numbers up to billions
3. A.4Word names for numbers
4. A.6Rounding
5. A.7Even or odd: arithmetic rules

Addition and subtraction
1. B.1Add and subtract whole numbers up to billions
2. B.2Add and subtract whole numbers: word problems
3. B.3Add and subtract money amounts
4. B.4Add and subtract money: word problems
5. B.9Inequalities with addition and subtraction
6. B.10Estimate sums and differences of whole numbers

1. C.1Multiply by 1-digit numbers
2. C.2Multiply by 1-digit numbers: word problems
3. C.4Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
4. C.7Choose numbers with a particular product
5. C.8Estimate products
6. C.9Estimate products: word problems
7. C.13 Multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers

1. D.1Division facts to 12
2. D.2Division facts to 12: word problems
3. D.3Divide multi-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
4. D.4Divide multi-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers: word problems
5. D.5Divide by 1-digit numbers: interpret remainders
6. D.6Estimate quotients: word problems
7. D.8Divide numbers ending in zeroes
8. D.14Divide money amounts: word problems

Fractions and mixed numbers
1. K.1Fractions review
2. K.2Understanding fractions: word problems
3. K.3Equivalent fractions
4. K.4Reduce fractions to lowest terms
5. K.6Least common denominator

Add and subtract fractions
1. L.3Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
2. L.5Add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators
3. L.8Add fractions with unlike denominators
4. L.10Subtract fractions with unlike denominators
5. L.11Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators: word problems

Problem solving
1. P.1Multi-step word problems
2. P.2Word problems with extra or missing information
3. P.4Find the order
4. P.5Use Venn diagrams to solve problems

Consumer math
1. R.1Price lists

Number sequences
1. S.1Complete an increasing number sequence

Coordinate plane
1. T.1Objects on a coordinate plane
2. T.2Graph points on a coordinate plane
3. T.3Coordinate planes as maps
4. T.4Follow directions on a coordinate plane

Variable expressions
1. U.3Evaluate variable expressions

Data and graphs
1. V.1Read a table
2. V.2Interpret line graphs
3. V.4Interpret bar graphs
4. V.6Interpret pictographs
5. V.8Interpret histograms
6. V.10Interpret line plots

1. Z.1Identify 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes
2. Z.3Open and closed shapes and qualities of polygons
3. Z.5Number of sides in polygons
4. Z.12Types of angles
5. Z.14Parts of a circle
6. Z.15Perimeter
7. Z.16Area of squares and rectangles
8. Z.23Volume of rectangular prisms made of unit cubes
9. Z.25Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
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