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Top Banana



Beginning in October, one student will be chosen as our "Top Banana"

I will pick names randomly from their name sticks- no specific order.

Every child will have a turn to be the Top Banana.


Below, I have attached a list of activities.  A note will go home in your child's folder when their name is picked to be the

     "Top Banana"

 Monday:  Bring in your completed “Student of the Week” poster, along with 6 pictures of yourself to share with your classmates.  We will hang these pictures on our “Top Banana” bulletin board.  Examples of pictures could include baby pictures, family pictures, vacation pictures, or favorite pets.   Pictures will be returned on Friday.

Tuesday: Bring in your favorite book to share with your classmates. 

Wednesday: Show and Tell Day.  Bring in something special from home to share with the class.  It must fit in your backpack!

Thursday: Parents, please write a letter to your child and send it to school with your child in a sealed envelope.  I will read the surprise letter to the class today.

Friday:  Bring in your favorite snack to share with the class.  (30 children)

 **Feel free to “double up” if your child doesn’t come to school every day!