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Grade 8 Car Wash



Save The Date!!

The 8th Grade Car Wash Fundraiser will take place on

      Saturday, September 10, 2016

Car Washing Hours:  9am-12pm (students & volunteers arrive at 8:20am)

 Each family is asked to donate:

1 large soft sponge

1 bottle of car washing liquid

1 clean, dry towel 

Additionally, if you have a large bucket, extendable sponge brush on a stick, and/or a step stool that can be used during the event, please bring them in on the morning of the event.  All buckets, stools and extendable sponge brushes will be returned at the end of the car wash.  

8th Grade parent volunteers are needed!  Please come out and lend a hand. 

Be sure to read the flyer in the Tuesday Packet.