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4th Grade Religion- This year we will be working with the series Blest Are We . The main focus of the 4th grade curriculum is to help shape the children to live their faith. We will be focusing on the Ten Commandments which are integrated throughout the text. There will be tests and quizzes for each chapter along with homework possibly once or twice a week.

4th Grade Math- Math is a building block. This year we will continue to work on our facts especially multiplication. Multiplication plays an important role this year; we will expand from one digit multiplication and division to multiple numbers. We will explore fractions and decimals and work with probability. We will even have some fun with graphing and using the Smart Board to enrich our lessons. There will be homework every night. Quizzes and test will be given for each chapter.

4th Grade Reading- This year we will be using a series by Scott Foresman. Each of our new stories has a social studies or science connection. The children will experience many different form of writing including realistic fiction, narrative nonfiction, modern fairy tales and poetry. Much of our class is structured to introduce a new skill, vocabulary and to read a story along with discussion. There will be a quiz after each story and a unit test at the end of each unit. Book reports will be assigned throughout the year.

4th Grade Social Studies- The 4th grade’s main focus this year will be New Jersey. We will begin with the regions and resources, cover the first people of New Jersey and see our State go through Colonial times, the Revolution, Civil War, the Depression and into the 21st Century. We will be doing several projects this year including a booklet about New Jersey. Homework will be assigned as needed and tests and quizzes for each chapter will be given

4th Grade Science-This year in Science we will be studying many different concepts including Life Science which will include weather, the makeup of the Earth and the Solar System. In our Life Science Unit we will study Plants, Animals, and the Environment. My main objective this year is to get each student involved in the scientific method, to get them to ask questions. The class will have homework sometimes along with tests, quizzes, and some projects.

4th Grade Language Arts - The 4th Grade program will entail the study of the English language. We are using the "World of Knowledge" textbook and workbook and the "Vocabulary" text to support our vocabulary and spelling words. We will be covering the parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation to name a few. The class will receive quizzes, tests, and written projects throughout the school year. The class will be assigned homework pertaining to the lesson learned.