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Supply List:

- 1 soft pencil case

- 7 Folders (Labeled: Take Home, Test, Reading/Writing, Math,  Science, Social Studies, & Specials)

- Pencils, pens-blue or black erasable ball point

- 2 red pens

- 1 black sharpie  

- colored pencils or crayons

- highlighters

- 1 expo marker (doesn't matter what color) 

- scissors

- glue stick 

- 12 in. ruler

- calculator ( scientific)

- 1 marble notebook for math


Supplies to be purchased from school:

- 5 notebooks- special lined (Labeled: Reading, Language Arts/Writing, Spelling/Vocabulary, Science, & Social Studies)

- 1 St. Mary's planner

- 1 loose leaf pad



Tissues & disinfectant wipes* 


Due to cold and allergies it would be helpful for each student to bring in a box of tissues in September and antibacterial wipes. Since we try to clean our desk weekly it will also be necessary for each child to bring in disinfectant wipes.


* Please check with your child throughout the year to see if these items need to be replaced.



Thank you in advance for all your help in making this a Healthy and Happy year!