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Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade Science 

            Welcome to sixth, seventh & eighth grade Science class! In science we will be using
the Pearson Interactive Science Program to explore the science
curriculum as outlined by the Diocese of Paterson. This year you will be investigating
on a variety of science topics including:

 *  in eighth grade, matter, the environment, earth’s structure, chemical reactions
and scientific tools,

* in seventh grade, forces & motion, energy, light & sound waves, oceans,
atmosphere, and health.

 *  In sixth grade, space, tools, energy resources, simple organisms, and health

            Through the science program you will begin to realize and appreciate the role of
science and technology in your daily live. Lectures, demonstrations, hands-on
experimentations and STEM will help you to develop the critical thinking skills
and positive attitude necessary for achieving science literacy.

              You will be encouraged to ask questions and
seek answers, use resources to gather information, share what you’ve learned
and learn from each other. You will develop proficiencies for working within
groups and individually, while finding creative ways to present your findings.
We will stress using the scientific method of problem solving, as well as the engineering
design process to apply scientific ideas to our everyday lives. 

            Some things you should know:

 All homework will be checked on the
day it is due. If homework is late or incomplete you will receive a deficiency
and if the assignment is to be graded, a one-grade drop will be given for each
day the assignment is late. 

Lab safety rules will be established at
the beginning of the year and must be followed at all times.

Absentee Assignments:
 When a student is absent
a “homework buddy” will be assigned to gather all work missed during the
absents. Books and assignments will be brought to the school office at 2:30 and
can be picked up there, or you may request that the work be sent home with
another student. Make-up or missed work will be assigned upon the students
return. You should be prepared to take any missed tests upon your return to

Parent Signatures:
 All Papers sent home for
parent signatures should be signed and returned to school the following day.

Materials needed by each student:

One Composition Notebook
two folders – for tests & labs

In addition, each student should have the following with
them in class each day:

erasable pens                                       colored
pencils                                               loose-leaf

red pen                        safety goggles                         clip board

Students are also asked to bring in a box of tissues, a roll
of paper towels and some Clorox wipes, as we go through quite a few of these
over the course of the year.

I am very much looking forward to exploring science and
technology with you this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please
feel free to contact me at any time.


                                                                                                            Catherine Feld