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"God is Good, All the Time;

All the Time, God is Good"

Our mission is to communicate the treasures of our Catholic faith with the children of St. Mary's and their families. Our goal is to nurture a faith that is living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction.   

Religious Education and Faith Formation (REFF): 


2nd gr Parents!!  Parent Sacramental Preparation Meeting, Wednesday, September 26, 7:00PM – 9:00PM in the Carnevale Center.  (Just for the parents)

Attention Sunday 3rd Grade Families!

Our Sunday 3rd Grade Liturgy will be taking place this Sunday, September 23 at 9:00AM mass in the Church. We ask that you please arrive downstairs in the Church Hall no later than 8:30AM!!

After Mass, The children will process out with Father and go directly to the Church Hall where you can collect your child. 

Please do take your child from the church. 

           The mass will go as follows:

The children will gather in the Catherine Spina Hall. We will organize them based upon their parts in mass (if they have one). Each child, so long as they are not carrying anything else inside, will be given a green ribbon to wave as we enter the church. We will Process upstairs to process in with Father.

If your child is doing a part, we ask that one parent stay with your child and be their partner. (I will explain it all Sunday before Mass)  The reserved pews are only for the Children!!!    After dropping off your child, my suggestion is go upstairs and sit; the church will get fill up. No class at 12:00Noon September 23rd.




Important Notes:

  1. The REFF program is only available to registered parishioners of St. Mary’s Church.  You may register by visiting the Parish office, or register on line from the website

  2. Each child must complete a REFF registration form each year.

    Children returning to REFF program can register online at . You will need your envelope# and password.  Forgot yours, or need info? Call the REFF office (973) 835-7750.  You may also print a copy of the registration form or obtain one from the REFF office.


    First grade and New children 2 – 8 cannot register online, but may print a copy of the form from the website starting on June 4th. Return completed registration form with a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.  (If baptized at St. Mary’s you need to contact the parish office to have a copy sent to the REFF office.  The request has to come from the parent.)   


    New children Grades 2 – 8 are also required to include a letter from your previous parish detailing completion of prior religious education classes.  *All incomplete registrations will be returned. 

  3. Please make note of the day of your request – you will only be notified if we are unable to confirm your request. 

  4. Classes for all grades are filled on a “First come, first served basis.” Requests for particular catechists (teachers), classes or classmates will be noted, but cannot be guaranteed.

  5. All classes are prepared during the month of July, so please register all children in grades 1 – 8 in June.  Online registration for grades 2-8 closes August 31, 2018.  After August 31 you will need to come to the Religious Education office to register; a $25 late fee will be applied. 

  6. Grades 1 -4 classes take place in the Carnevale Center on Lenox Avenue; Grades 5 – 7 take place in the Catherine Spina Hall (basement of the church.)

  7. To enter into the Confirmation program in 9th grade each child must have completed REFF from grades 1 – 8.  If you have missed any of those years, you need to make an appointment with Mary Ann Werner, Director of REFF, or (973) 835-7750, ext. 102.

  8. All ongoing program information is available at

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