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We need volunteers!

Below are brief descriptions of specific tasks that need to be done every month. If you are interested in helping us to help feed the hungry, please call 973-831-4442 and leave a message, we will call back. See also the brief overview of our Food Pantry on our home page. Our Food Pantry is opened on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month from9:30 to 3:30 and the Wednesdays following these Saturdays from 4 to 7.

Shopper Assistants: In 2012 we instituted "Client Choice:, whereby our client-families may now shop for their food.  The clients come once a month on their schedules day. Our shopper assistants are our largest group of volunteers.Assistants help the families shop  for their food and household items.

Office Receptionist/Welcoming: Two volunteers are needed at the front desk to keep things orderly and to make sure that all client-families that pick up their food sign the Community Food Bank sign-in sheets. A challenging part of this job is being able to be friendly and welcoming even when things get backed up because it often happens that our families will show up in bunches.

Food Moving and Date Checking: All the food that is dropped off at St. Mary's  Parish Offices needs to be taken  to the Food Pantry on a daily basis.The Food Pantry is about 3 blocks away, located in the Municipal Parking Lot. The amount we receive each day can vary a lot, it could be just 3 bags or it could be 15 or more. Using their own vehicles, these volunteers bring the food to the food pantry; take it out of the bags and check each item for expiration dates (or best use by dates) and lays them out on the table grouped by the expiration year.

Stocking / shelving: This needs to be done a few times each week. It involves stocking the shelves either from the date-checked food that came from St. Mary's or opening cases of food that came from the Community Food Bank. Our goal is to make sure that food items that are closest to their expiration dates are put into the shopping area, up front, so they are used right away. We never want to put expired food on our shelves, or do we want  food expire on our shelves because it got pushed to the back.

Interviewing: All of our client-families must go through an initial interview, and then, assuming they remain with us, must be re-interviewed each year. In order for us to sign-up a new family, they must:
a. Live within our service area: Pompton Lakes, Bloomingdale, Wanaque, Haskell, Butler, and Oakland.
b. Have the following paperwork with them for us to copy:
i. Photo I.D. (drivers license)
ii. Copy of a utility bill showing their address
iii. Documents verifying all members in their household
iv. Documents showing any income or public assistance received by them or any of their household [we go by the income guidelines supplied by The Emergency Food Assistance Program of NJ]

Box-truck drivers: Each month drivers are needed to take St. Mary's box truck to the Community Food Bank in Hillside NJ; and twice a month drivers take the box truck to Entenmann's to pick up donated cakes (in Kearny) and purchased bread (in Little Falls). Drivers of St. Mary's vehicles need to fill out certain paperwork that must be on file before they can drive them.

Clean up: A couple of times each month our floors need vacuuming; and our carts, refrigerator, and freezers need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

17 Pompton Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

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