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The church wedding is a sacred rite invoking the blessing of God on the union of bride and groom.  Music used in connection with the ceremony must mirror the dignity of the sanctuary and the sanctity of the sacrament being celebrated.  Wherever music is employed,and by whatever instruments or voices, it must reflect the festive yet reverent nature of the liturgy.  The music and text selected must express the praise of God,God's steadfast love of Christ as the foundation and model for marriage, or the asking of God's presence and blessing.

The Wedding Music Selection Form may be found on the right of this page.  Please feel free to contact Carrie Stewart, with any questions. 

Prelude: Prior to the beginning of the liturgy, there is a prelude consisting of 10-15 minutes of music as guests arrive and are seated. Often the prelude is comprised entirely of music performed by the accompanist and cantor, but the utilization of other instruments (guitar, strings, harp, etc.) is possible as well.

Processionals: The processional is usually played by the organ/piano alone or with other instruments. Some couples wish to use to separate selections for the processional: one for the seating of the mothers, one for the bridal party, and one for the bride.

Responsorial Psalm: We will sing the psalm between the first and second readings of the liturgy. You may choose a psalm we use for Sunday mass or another appropriate sacred piece that is 2-3 minutes in length.

Alleluia: The Alleluia is sung as a call to worship before the gospel reading.  During the season of Lent we will instead sing a Lenten gospel acclamation.

Lighting of the Unity Candle (optional): After the exchange of vows, the bride and groom take each side candle and light the unity candle together, uniting their families and experiences into one. You may choose a short meditation that will be sung at this time.

Communion (for Wedding Mass): In selecting music for Communion, couples will want to keep in mind the nature of the Eucharistic rite as a sign of the community of those gathered. A congregational hymn would be very appropriate here, though a vocal solo would be a possibility as well. 

Meditation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (optional): At this point in the liturgy, a Meditation to the Blessed Virgin Mary can be sung by the vocalist or choir as a reflection of the personal, devotional prayer of the bride and groom and of the whole community. Music during this moment is usually a setting of the "Ave Maria" or other appropriate hymn to Mary.

Recessional: The wedding Recessional is the liturgy's most festive and joyous moment of musical expression and is most often played on the organ with the optional addition of trumpet(s).

Sample Programs (right click to save):

Full Wedding Mass

Liturgy of the Word

The music ministry, pastoral staff, and community of St. Mary's Church wish for your wedding ceremony to be a truly beautiful experience, one that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. It is hoped that these guidelines will help toward achieving that goal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns; and may God Bless you in your upcoming marriage.

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