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St. Mary’s Church
A Catholic and Franciscan Community
17 Pompton Avenue, Pompton Lakes 07442
973-835-0374 Fax 973-835-8173
Email: smc@stmarys-pompton.org
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Administration Offices 973-835-5841
Anne Silversey Assistant to the Pastor 973-835-0374, ext. 145 anne@stmarys-pompton.org
Beverly Delleart Certified Spiritual Director 973-835-0374, ext. 709 beverly@stmarys-pompton.org
Beverly Delleart Director of Stephen Ministry 973-835-0374, ext. 113 beverly@stmarys-pompton.org
Carol LaSalle Principal of St. Mary's School 973-835-2010, ext. 129 clasalle@stmarys-pompton.org
Carol Scala Director of Business and Operations 973-835-0374 x 190 cscala@stmarys-pompton.org
Carrie Stewart Church Accompanist 973-835-0374 ext. 192 CStewart@StMarys-Pompton.org
Connie Maritato Business Office 973-835-0374 x 120 cmaritato@stmarys-pompton.org
Craig Limey Director of Music Ministry 973-835-0374, ext. 158 cdlimey@stmarys-pompton.org
Debbie Borroto Religious Education Administrative Assistant 973-835-7750, ext. 130 debbie@stmarys-pompton.org
Debbie Borroto Local Youth Protection/Safe Environment Coordinator 973-835-7750, ext. 130 debbie@stmarys-pompton.org
Dorothy-Mary Limey Director of Music Ministry 973-835-0374, ext. 158 cdlimey@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr John Aherne Parochial Vicar, Spiritual Direction 973-835-0374 x 139 jaherne@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr John Aherne Young Adult Ministry / LGBTQ 973-835-0374 x 139 jaherne@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr Larry Hayes, OFM Parochial Vicar, Spiritual Direction 973-835-0374 x 702 lhayes@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr Larry Hayes, OFM Adult Faith Formation 973-835-0374 x 702 lhayes@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr. Emerson Rodriguez, OFM Parochial Vicar, Spiritual Direction 973-835-0374, ext. 156 erodriguez@stmarys-pompton.org
Fr. Gonzalo de Jesus Torres-Acosta, O.F.M. Pastor, Spiritual Direction 973-835-0374, ext. 708 gonzaloofm@stmarys-pompton.org
Gareth Tarlo Maintenance 973-768-1544
Hayk Allahverdi Maintenance 973-768-1544
Heather Schnaars Interim Director of Religious Education & Faith Formation 973-835-7750, ext. 102 hschnaars@stmarys-pompton.org
Jennifer Ferraioli Director of Youth Ministry 973-835-5594 x 103 jferraioli@stmarys-pompton.org
June Abene Receptionist 973-835-0374 jabene@stmarys-pompton.org
Kathy Hickey Business Office 973-835-0374 x 169 khickey@stmarys-pompton.org
Keith Orotosky R.C.I.A. 973-476-4398 keithorotosky@gmail.com
Lindsay Bednarz Coordinator of High School Youth Ministry 973-835-5594 x 117 lbednarz@stmarys-pompton.org
Marie Cioletti Interim Director of Special Needs Ministry 973-835-0374, ext. 181 mcioletti@stmarys-pompton.org
Marissa Diaz Receptionist 973-835-0374 mdiaz@stmarys-pompton.org
Mary Anne Smith School Administrative Assistant 973-835-2010 ext. 125 msmith@stmarys-pompton.org
Maureen Caropreso Business Office 973-835-0374 ext. 119 mcaropreso@stmarys-pompton.org
Michael Cunningham Financial Analyst 973-835-0374 x 107 mcunningham@stmarys-pompton.org
Milagros Anto Hispanic Ministry 973-835-0374, ext. 703 milagros@stmarys-pompton.org
Nick Caporusso Coordinator of REFF for grades 5-8 973-835-7750 x 131 ncaporusso@stmarys-pompton.org
Parish Office 973-835-0374 smc@stmarys-pompton.org
Pat Newton Coordinator of Confirmation 973-835-5594, ext. 160 pat@stmarys-pompton.org
Phil Epstein Director of Maintenance 973-897-4780 pepstein@stmarys-pompton.org
Robert Runz Controller 973-835-0374 x 122 rrunz@stmarys-pompton.org
Tom Kimak Deacon 973-835-0374
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