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“Rebuild My House”

A Building Repair Campaign
Dear Saint Mary's Family,
As we begin 2019, and as your Pastor, I am so incredibly grateful because of all the people that God sends into my life. As a community of faith, we are so blessed as we share our struggles and joy together knowing that the Lord is always in our midst.

On behalf of all the people that we serve and all the people that serve you, I want to thank you for your great generosity. Thanks to your contributions we have reached and gone beyond our goal of $700,000 for Rebuild My House.
 We have received an amazing amount of $724,710!

Since we began Rebuild My House at the end of March 2018, it was our hope to be able to address many of the repairs that were needed in our buildings. Up to this day, much of this work has been done but we still have so much to do. I will keep you posted. I am sure the Lord will provide if we remain steadfast in our mission as Christians and Franciscans.

Today, I am sharing with you more great news! This morning, we began the plastering and painting of the interior of our church building. As you come to Mass during the next few weeks, you will notice work in progress. Please be patient during this time. I know you have all been very concerned about the cracks, leaks and general condition of our worship space. The plastering and painting can begin now because the repairs to the roof and gutters have been taken care of.
Thanks for your discipleship and witness.

Your brother in Christ, in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi,
Fr Gonzalo