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“Rebuild My House” 

A Building Repair Campaign

Addressing what needs to be done to rebuild God’s “physical house” here at St. Mary’s. 

We need your help to raise $700,000 to repair our buildings so we may continue to fulfill our Christian and Franciscan Mission at St Mary’s for many years to come.  As of April 5, there has been $391,792 in pledges.   Thank you for your generosity!

Dear Saint Mary’s family,
On this Easter weekend we hear of Jesus as the “Good Shepherd.”
The central message of today’s Gospel is LOVE. A good shepherd
is always ready, watching over others, rescuing the afflicted and
the injured, providing food and water to the hungry, helping others.
Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, encourages us to love and care for
those around us, like shepherds do for their sheep.
Talking about shepherds, I want to share a letter a received from a
very dear parishioner on the occasion of the launching of “Rebuild
My House.” I am sure you will enjoy it and learn about our
ministries as much as I did.
“Dear Fr. Gonzalo,
I just submitted my gift pledge to the office. You had hoped
for $300 per family so I decided to gift in thanksgiving for
my beloved husband for the blessing he was to me and our
family for 56 years, as well as in thanksgiving for each of our
daughters and their families… and the friars who have been part
of our spiritual journey here at St. Mary’s and have shared their
faith, talents and gifts to us during the 37 years we have been
parishioners. We all have been so blessed in every way! Saint
Mary’s has been our spiritual home and holds a very special
place in our hearts. Over the years, my husband, and I have been
involved in many different ministries, but I think the one he
loved the most was welcoming our parishioners each Sunday to
the 9:00 AM Mass as an usher and watching their families grow
through life’s stages. When my grandson was making his First
Holy Communion, there were children who were totally deaf in
his class at the Mountain Lakes School for the Deaf and Hearing
Impaired, and my daughter spoke to Alma Banta, the Director
of Religious Education, because these children had no way of
receiving instructions to receive their First Communion. Alma
advertised in our Bulletin for an interpreter —and that was the
beginning of our Ministry for the deaf and Hearing Impaired
—23 years ago. At the age of 7, your friend, my grandson, was
God’s instrument to starting this very special ministry here at
Saint Mary’s Nothing is impossible to accomplish with God’s
help. I know the campaign will be successful… Our prayers are
with you for continued peace, blessings and much success in all
your endeavors in every way here at St. Mary’s.
In caring friendship, M A and Family”
Your brother and servant in Christ, in the spirit of Francis of Assisi,
Padre Gonzalo

Food Pantry 
Install New Electrical System                                                           $950 Completed

Last month(March 2018) our Food Pantry served: Households/families: 143, People: 383, Children: 110
Adults: 273. There were 693 bags distributed. The new wiring brings the facility to code, keeping our families safe.

Our amazing volunteers 



 Updated Electric Panel and New Wiring


Replacement of Boiler / Pipe or New HVAC System                          $150,000
Repair Bell Tower                                                                                         $60,000
Paint Church Interior Wall                                                                         $25,000
Repair Roof Valleys                                                                                      $23,000
Repair Church Interior Wall                                                                       $10,000
Replacement of Side Door                                                                             $9,000
Renovation Catherine Spina Hall Closet                                                     $5,000
Replace Catherina Spina Hall Ceiling                                                          $5,000
Repair Church Hallway Wall                                                                          $2,900
Repair Church Hall Men's Restroom Pipe/Ceiling                                    $2,700
Install New Water Softener System for Boiler                                            $2,400

Masonry, Sidewalks, Railings
Repair/Replace All Masonry for Steps, Landings on Campus               $75,000
Replace Pompton Ave Sidewalk                                                                   $40,000
Replace Back Paver Sidewalks                                                                      $15,000
Replace All Railings on Campus                                                                     $8,000
Repair Side of Church Sidewalk Drainage                                                    $1,000
Repair Carnevale Center Front Railing                                                             $500


 Replace Boiler                                                                                              $83,892
 Install New Water Softener System for Boiler                                         $2,195  Completed 
 Remove Fallen Roof Ice Guards                                                                 $1,900  Completed  
Replace Heating Radiators, Traps and Thermostats                                $45,000
Repair Roof Tile                                                                                                 $12,500
Repair Flat Roof over PreKindergarten                                                          $3,500

We replaced the school boiler this past fall. Without heat in school we would have had to close. We also installed a Water Softener System to protect the boiler and pipes. The broken ice guard that was hanging off the side of the building and could have fallen at any time putting our students in danger was taken down. Thanks to your generosity these bills have been paid.


Repair and Replace Church, Parish Office, Youth Center                          $40,000

Parish Office

Repair Roof Tile                                                                                                     $12,500

Pathways Counseling Center 

Repair Roof                                                                                                             $12,000
Replace Front Window                                                                                           $5,000

Carnevale Center
Replace Hot Water Heater                                                                                     $2,700
Repair Heating System                                                                                           $2,000
Repair Downey Hall Closet                                                                                    $1,000

Youth Center
Replace Side Door                                                                                                        $750

Food Pantry
Install New Electrical System                                                                                  $1,200

Total                                                                                                            $657,050

For more information click HERE for brochure

There are many ways to donate:  

1. To make a donation by cash, check or pledge a payment made over months, (monthly reminders will be sent) print out response card HERE Please make check payable to "St Mary's Church".  Bring to Parish Office, drop in collection basket or mail to Fr Gonzalo Torres, OFM, "Rebuild My House" Campaign, St. Mary's Church, 17 Pompton Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ  07442 
2. To make an online donation click HERE 
3. To make a donation through Faith Direct go to www.faithdirect.net  Church code is NJ23


17 Pompton Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

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