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Frequently Asked Questions
What time are you giving ashes out on Ash Wednesday?

Ashes will be distributed continuously from 6:30 AM until 8:00 PM in Church.

I would like to purchase a paver stone for the memorial garden at St. Mary's. Who do I contact?

Just stop in or call the Parish Office and we'll either give or send you an order form. The cost is $100.00.

I have recently moved and I need my envelopes sent to my new address.

Just call the Parish Office at 973-835-0374 and we will gladly fill out a change of address form for you.

How can I get a mass card and what kinds do you have?

You can come into the Parish Office. We have announced masses, where you pick out a date and time and the name is printed in the bulletin. We also have a Perpetual Mass where the Priests will say masses for a full year. The offering is $10.00.

I am in desperate need of food for my family. Is there any place I can go for assistance?

You can pick up a bag of emergency food here at the Parish Office. If you live in the local area, we take your name, address and phone number and someone will contact you to see if you are eligible for our Food Pantry.

Do you have any suggested readings/songs for weddings or funerals?

Yes, you can check out this link on the weddings page or pick them up at the Parish Office.

Do you have any programs that would help adults and/or children with problems?

We have Pathways Counseling Center which is located directly across from St. Mary's. The number to call is 973-835-6337.

I have an elderly parent who needs a ride to the doctor's office next week. Can you tell me who I can call?

Yes, we have Project Linc who is affiliated with Catholic Charities. You may contact them at 973-831-6588.

Can you tell me the hours at the Parish Office?

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Saturday Office Closed Sunday 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Can you please tell me how I can become a member of the St. Mary's?

Sure, just pick up a registration form at the Parish Office, register online at http://www.stmarys-pompton.org/familyregistration/register.php, or call 973-835-0374 and they will be happy to mail one to you.